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Charter an agricultural, mining or marine air service to handle all your requirements in the Ingham and Hinchinbrook districts
Liddle’s Air Service is owned and operated by (5th generation) Josh & Renee Liddle

Since the last quarter of our 20th century Liddles Air Service have been the leaders in helping the communities of North Queensland with all their aerial agricultural, aerial commercial and all things from the air, including tourism …a perfect record!

Liddles Air Service commenced operation during 1978 with the focus on helping the North Queensland communities around the Ingham/Hinchinbrook region to have access to an efficient, reliable and economical air service for their agricultural, commercial and tourism ventures.

Josh tables a lifetime of experience working within the aviation and agriculture industry, leading to the commencement of flying within the Liddles corporation in 1992.

Thanks to Josh’s local knowledge he knows every inch of the Hinchinbrook region and the amazing National Parks, Waterfalls, Islands and the Herbert River Gorge. From Aerial Agricultural Spraying to amazing scenic flights over some of the most breath-taking scenery and everything in between Liddles have got all things covered.

Josh is your fully experienced “go to” pilot for helicopter / fixed wing aerial requirements

Liddles Air Service now are one of the North’s major air service operators thanks to Josh and Renee. They offer an impressive list of services in, firstly the agricultural regions offering an efficient aerial spraying service for the local farming communities.

When offering aerial services to the North then another speciality is in our Commercial Charters. This equally efficient service is ideal for all Government departments, Local Council offices, the mining sectors, the maritime sectors or any commercial or industrial applications.

Another valuable service is found in the Tourism Sector and Liddles is at the forefront of aerial services throughout the region exploring the mountains, streams, the islands and the National Parks.

Josh and Renee, along with their 6th generation daughters, Charlotte and Indiana are looking forward to helping you with all of your aviation needs for many more future generations to come.

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From tourism and scenic flights to commercial air services
Liddles Air Services can help you with aviation in the Hinchinbrook region
Check out our image and video gallery to get an idea about some of the places we fly to

Whether for business or recreation, we sure do see some amazing and beautiful scenery on our charter flights. Have a look at our gallery where you can see what to expect to see on a flight with us. Some of the places we fly to are only accessible by helicopter or plane, so it is really special to be able to share our slice of paradise with you.

Have a look at the impressive fleet available for charter from Liddles Air Services

Whether you need air charter services for commercial or tourist & sightseeing reasons, you'll find the range of aircraft available at Liddles Air Services will suit your requirements. With a range of perfectly maintained helicopters and light aircraft, we're sure to be able to transport you to your destination efficiently and comfortably.


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For all your agricultural and commercial air services along with the ultimate tourism adventures then Liddles are your No. 1 choice throughout the Hinchinbrook regions

We are conveniently located at the Ingham Airport Hangar 2 (Just off the Bruce Hwy)

Certificate number: CASA.TAAOC.0231

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