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Our capabilities and fleet
We invite you to examine Liddle’s impressive fleet to cater for your very own agricultural, commercial or any tourism based aerial requirements
Bell Jet Ranger – B206

The sky’s the limit with the Bell 505. A high-tech flight deck and adaptable cabin design make it an extremely cost-competitive, and capable for any challenge.

Max Cruise : 231 km/h
Range: Over 500 km
Robinson - R44

These four-seat Robinson R44 helicopters are high performing and reliable featuring the latest technology including streamlined instrument panels.

Cruising Speed: Around 200 km/h
Range: Over 500 km
Partnavia Twin – P68C

Our Vulcanair Aircraft P68C Series is a six-seater, twin engine, high wing, fixed landing gear aircraft and is the sensible alternative to many single engine and light twin aircraft and is fully suited to NQ.

Cruising Speed: around 300 km/h
Range: Variable - 2-3,000 km
Cessna C210

Liddles’ Cessna 210 is a six-seat, high-performance high wing aircraft. Like all 210’s ours is a remarkably adaptable airplane enabling ease of operation, totally suitable for specialised charter.

Cessna C172

Our Cessna 172 is a four-seat, single-engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft is an extremely popular choice to get the job done. The Cessna is an extremely stable craft providing higher comfort levels.

Maximum Speed: Around 225 km/h
Range: Approx. 1000 km
Cessna C188 Husky

This little single seater is our AG Buster as the plane has been specifically built to suit all our North Queensland agricultural requirements. Our Husky features an effective high volume dispersal system.

Maximum Speed: Around 195 km/h
Range: Around 475 km
Ayres Turbine Thrush

When it’s time to get to work, nothing gets you working like a Thrush. This hard worker has been specifically designed to handle well and to get your agricultural work done without any fuss.


From tourism and scenic flights to commercial air services
Liddles Air Services can help you with aviation in the Hinchinbrook region
Liddle’s Air Service is owned and operated by (5th generation) Josh & Renee Liddle

We commenced operation during 1978 with the focus on helping the North Queensland communities around the Ingham/Hinchinbrook region to have access to an efficient, reliable and economical air service for their agricultural, commercial and tourism ventures. Josh tables a lifetime of experience working within the aviation and agriculture industry.

Check out our image and video gallery to get an idea about some of the places we fly to

Whether for business or recreation, we sure do see some amazing and beautiful scenery on our charter flights. Have a look at our gallery where you can see what to expect to see on a flight with us. Some of the places we fly to are only accessible by helicopter or plane, so it is really special to be able to share our slice of paradise with you.


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For all your agricultural and commercial air services along with the ultimate tourism adventures then Liddles are your No. 1 choice throughout the Hinchinbrook regions

We are conveniently located at the Ingham Airport Hangar 2 (Just off the Bruce Hwy)

Certificate number: CASA.TAAOC.0231

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